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It is 100% natural for two people who spend entirely too much time together to get sick of each other. This is because of habits and the interruption of theirs within yours.

If you have a set routine of things you enjoy doing and then all of a sudden your friend stays over for a few nights, well now all of a sudden your friend is naturally going to interrupt your pattern of habits.

And unless human’s are making the conscious decision to change their own habits for themselves without being influenced or impacted by someone else, they don’t like change. If he asks for more space, it’s because you’re interrupting his routine!

He has things to do and although he enjoys spending time with you, he still needs to have his sense of solitude.

You’ve been dating for a while and things seem to be going well in your relationship. I could be stereotyping a bit but for the most part, and from my perspective, this is true.

You really couldn’t have asked for a better boyfriend. Now based on that rationality, here’s why he’s said that he needs space from your relationship.

But if they are, then enlighten me with some scientific research.

It’s biologically embedded into the male DNA to want to reproduce.

Or he if doesn’t actually say he needs space, he is probably thinking it Jump To; how-to-mend-a-broken-relationship-with-your-boyfriend Is he ready to settle down?

Doing the same thing over and over again with the same person would eventually become boring.

Unless of course you being to treat your man to spontaneous sex in different places.

We were blessed with reproductive instruments that aren’t shy to say hello when the feeling of sex enters our brain.

So since men are so sexual and because it’s human nature to want more, the lust for variety sets in.

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This is going to give both of you the time to have your own personal life experiences that are really going to be beneficial for your relationship when you come back together the day after. Finally, if you’re talking about the marriage thing a lot, kids, saying I love you too much or anything else that implies the rest of your lives together, keep it on the low.

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