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They were soft rubber but time turned them into hard plastic. The base has apparently been brush painted, but that finish has chips in all corners. .99 OTHER DAMAGE: Damper was bent some point in the past, severely. I may simply replace it with one from a similar period bug if I can find one. The base has unique rounded corners, and the ends of the frame where the adjustments are lcoated are also very rounded. It is a rather rare “Improved Vibroplex” key, shown by the unique rounded corners on the base, and the slightly different damper arm hinge.

I didn’t realize until it arrived that it was a Junior. Key was disassembled, and the base de-rusted with Naval Jelly, revealing machined-turned decorative base. The grime on this key is heavy, even the chrome parts have a thick patina of whatever-the-heck this stuff is. Arrived with no weights; has large unused hole in the base, and has the old style pinned dash lever. Editor’s Note: (UPDATED June 22, 2016) This is my growing list of my Vibroplex semi-automatic bugs listed by serial number and approximately year of manufacture. This complete Blue Racer has a black wrinkled finish base. Photos are being added as I update this list; you may click the image to enlarge. Keying lever broken off at main spring; there is no main spring or weight rod. Key needs finger piece replaced (have one in stock). Key has what appears to be lots of coal soot coating it. An interesting bit of Vibroplex history as the colored base keys are fairly rare; not many survived this time in the company’s history when Vibroplex bugs mostly worked for a living and the amateur only dreamed of owning one. Note: I have used the relay for demonstration purposes and decided not to sell it. Odd as it might sound, the results have a very nice feel in your hands; obviously the shape of the tape has been molded by many hours of operating. The sticker is faded and worn, but you can see the original color showing — blue — under one part of the edge that crumbled away. Included in this auction was a telegraph relay that I’ll likely list on e Bay and sell.

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