Dating a scorpio man long distance

There are a number of reasons for this and directly relate to the sign’s ruling planets: 1. You will always know when you are in the presence of a Scorpio man because deep inside, you’ll feel him staring into your soul.If you’ve ever been attached to a Scorpio guy, you know this to be true.Seems more like long distance friends with benefits.We were friends/acquaintances for 7 years (6 of which were online since I moved away), both in our 30s.Additionally, the manipulation stems (in part) as a reaction to the above-mentioned jealousy trait.

And so now that all the cards are on the table, let’s dive deep into 25 truths about Scorpio men in love and relationships.

More: Why Scorpio and Cancer are compatible There’s no easy way to say it except to blurt it out. Gifted with strong listening skills, they have the ability to analyze complicated issues and find solutions. On the one hand, they can compartmentalize their emotions focus like a laser on a particular issue. Speaking only for myself, I can tell you that I personally live with OCD.

On the other hand, that focus often turns into a fixation. At any rate, the good part of being obsessive is that goal attainment almost always happens.

The famous psychiatrist Carl Jung often infused aspects of astrology into his teachings as a pathway to self-insight.

An example can be found in dream interpretation, where Jung used mysticism to help extract meaning (Jung, 1939).

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