Dating a player

Men often get the reputation of being players, but women can be just as deceptive with the people they date.

Knowing what a player is and learning how to spot the signs can help you avoid the heartbreak that comes along with dating one.

They can be a good dose of ego boost in a small amount of time.

There's some variation in the definition of a player in dating, but the general consensus is that it's a person who doesn't want to commit but makes his partner believe he does.A lot of people will tell you that dating a player is a terrible experience. So before you feel bad about the player you’ve been dating, think of all the benefits that come from this relationship. In fact, there are ways in which a player is better than most.Players often know just what to say to make dates believe they are ready to settle down.Players often use mind games to convince their dates that they are interested when they are actually emotionally unavailable.

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It happens to the best of us—you get caught up by someone’s charm, attention, and charisma.

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