Dating a busy business man

“Don’t make a pass at her right then and there, even if you find her very attractive.

You need to prove that you’re someone worthy of a Friday night outing.” Drink at her pace and cap it at three cocktails—otherwise you’re entering pub crawl territory.

Forty-five percent of women ease into conversation by talking about business, so feel free to do the same. “The best thing you can do for a successful woman is act as a sounding board as she talks through these concerns,” says Marcia Reynolds, author of Take advantage of what you know and excel in.

But if she starts to vent about her day or office problems, resist bombarding her with solutions or unleashing your inner Dr. “Listen for cues regarding areas where she can use a little nerdy help,” says Tina B. D., a psychotherapist in Long Beach, Calif., and author of .

, according to a new survey by It's Just Lunch, a personalized dating service for busy professionals.

Here’s why dating an entrepreneur is a bad idea:1) Time, Time, Time: A day has 24 hours and they will work for 25 hours if it’s possible."They have worked hard to obtain high-level positions and don’t want to lose this status." Want to get her attention? Here are six things you need to know when dating a busy career woman.The new survey pointed out that 44 percent of business women prefer a post-work cocktail as the ideal first date.And keep track of her stress barometer during the day—she may sound abrupt when you call during lunch, but chatty after dinner.“Give her time to disengage from her work-self and re-engage with the rest of her personality,” says Joseph Cilona, Psy.

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