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They can diagnose sick patients, treat illnesses, assist in surgery and write prescriptions, to name just a few of their skills.Schooling to become a PA takes at least three years, and is followed by more than 2,000 hours of clinical rotations.Physical Scientists Physical scientists (a classification that includes physicists, astronomers and chemists) are some of the smartest folks around.Many of them, for example, can do long division in their heads (we’re assuming). For some of us, these sorts of questions can turn a pleasant night into a stressful one.They are often self-employed, which means they get to set their own hours and they don’t have to answer to a boss, and, since candy and soda aren’t going anywhere, their job security is good. Architects Architects are both artists and engineers. Pharmacists The average pharmacist earns six figures—4,000 per year, to be precise—yet unlike many other six-figure professions, pharmacists often work in low-stress environments.They design homes, sky-scrapers, hospitals, churches, schools and football stadiums, to name a few. That leaves them with more time and energy to focus on dating, finding love and starting a family.Software Developers As a female software developer, chances are good that most of your coworkers will be men.While this certainly has its downsides (more than we need to list here), one potential upside is the increased possibility of finding love in the workplace.

Working with the injured, disabled and ill to help them develop and relearn the skills needed for everyday life, occupational therapists understand the types of challenges life can throw our way, but they also bear witness every day to incredible examples of perseverance and hope.

In other words, as an environmental scientist or geoscientist, you’re more likely to be a happy newlywed than a divorcee.

Veterinarians Given how many singles turn to the animal world for companionship (having, perhaps, failed to find it in the human world), it stands to reason that veterinarians encounter more than their share of bachelors on a day-to-day basis.

Though women in the military often spend significant time away from their loved ones, and though dating can be a challenge for enlisted women, their love lives do not seem to suffer for it.

An astounding 28% of women in this category got married within the past five years, higher than women in any other occupation, and more than the average across all jobs.

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