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You may never know what to expect from the users, they could use offensive language, be completely naked or even practicing lewd behavior.Cambly says they have a strict policy against rude and offensive behavior.The neural network was trained on clinically confirmed photos of dermatoscopy.

Tether Gistnut is a Pandorabot AI agent living in the virtual world of Second Life, designed as a deep space companion for lone astronauts visiting the planet Mars, Tether is by design very sociable with technical expertise in the C# language and has the unique feature of being able to deliver video tutorials and more to a media screen.There is also the option of choosing to grab shifts, where you are dedicating yourself to the shifts you grab, in one-hour increments.You are guaranteed to be paid for at least 15 minutes of the hour, even if you are not able to pick up a chat.You are, however, able to re-record your video as needed.After you submit a video, you will receive an email once you are approved.

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Cambly seriously pays you to meet new people, have a conversation and be overall helpful and patient with people who are learning to speak English. You are expected, however, to help English students use what they have been learning.

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