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It just isn't appended at the end because that would be pointless.

Consider this project, consisting of four tracks: When I use the command File All Tracks as Audio Files, Logic will produce four files that look like this: The files are not equal in length, which is perfectly fine.

A project folder can be copied or moved to another location by using any of the standard operating system methods.

This is great for the archiving and transport of projects to other studios or facilities.

The following should be taken into account when copying or moving project folders: Select the checkboxes in the first column to choose files for removal.

The name and path of the file to be deleted is shown in the last two columns.

Assuming that's accurate, my suspicion is that he's not running Logic 8, either.

All Tracks as Audio File but the result is 11 audio files with different lengths.If you want to have your tracks & stems reproduce the mix you're hearing at your studio, there's no need to go to the extra effort of using Bounce instead of Export.You only need to enable (in the Export dialog) the checkbox "Include Volume/Pan Automation." This is explained on p. When you do this, any panning or automation will indeed be rendered.With Export exporting tracks means that any panning or automation will not be rendered.So if you want the engineer to put up all of your tracks at unity gain (all faders at zero) and have your tracks & stems reproduce the mix you're hearing at your studio, use bounce, not export.

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