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A keen racer himself, Colnago was soon building wheels for some of the best Italian racing cyclists of that era, including Giorgio Albani, the multiple stage winner of the Giro d'Italia, and the legendary Fausto Coppi.Continuing the momentum generated from the classic, the new U. Known for its aesthetic beauty, engineering excellence, and legendary feats, a Colnago bike is amongst the most coveted on the road.Manufacturing first took place in a small workshop in the courtyard of Piazza Statuto at the end of Via Garibaldi.The company would be one of the first manufacturers of bicycles in the whole of Italy, the brand named after the nearby Monte Frejus, on the border of Italy and France.

This locking design increases strength and torsional rigidity, meaning the lugs can be lighter, and tubes can be thinner without sacrificing ride quality or structural integrity.

In C64, Colnago retains its classic design principles, while matching the scales with featherweight competitors.

See the Colnago C64 builds here More aerodynamic thanks to improvements in areas like the fork, integrated aero seatpost, direct mount brakes and bottle cages.

Lugs strengthen the high stress areas where tubes meet, and distributes stress over a larger area.

The result is not only improved durability, but a smooth ride unlike any other top-tier race bike.

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