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Now, dear blog reader, the latest in our, semi-regular, From The North feature, Songs This Blogger Really Likes Turning Up On The Soundtrack Of TV Series This Blogger Also Really Likes.

And, to anyone else in a position of authority, anywhere, who had the ability to affect changes within their own sphere of influence. That's if this blogger does a From The North TV show of the year award list this year, of course. Meanwhile, judging by the trailer, the next Doom Patrol episode - Jane Patrol - appears to be yet another adaptation of one of Grant Morrison's key issues, Going Underground.

He suggested this creates a global buzz that is hard to replicate using the traditional television production model, which sees rights sold on a region-by-region basis to national broadcasters who then show the material in their own time.' So, to sum up then, the BBC is involved in a co-production deal of a very popular drama but is, rightly - as the non-producing part of the co-production - getting to show the drama only after those that stumped up the majority of the cost have shown it first. Or, more likely, this is rather obviously faux-outrage and simply an excuse for a bit of atypical Gruniad shite-stirring at the BBC's expense. Of course, the whinging Waterson could simly do what many British viewers - this blogger included - have done and got a very kind friend in the US to record the episodes and send them over to us in the mail, perfectly legally, on a recording medium of their choice.

Or, alternatively, he could just wait, patiently and read the BBC's take on the saga or the US reviews of the opening episode - here, here and here, for example - whilst gnashing his teeth in impotent fury at the manifest unfairness of life in general.

'It's getting to the point where I'm not quite sure how they do it: every week, Doom Patrol seems to meander through its main plot points but still be even more entertaining than the last episode,' wrote the latter.

In which Cliff will find himself trying to stitch Crazy Jane back together again. From The North's award for 'The Most Thigh-Slappingly Hilarious Middle Class Hippy Communist Whinge Of The Week' goes to the Gruniad Morning Star's Jim Waterson (no, me neither) for a piece of abject misery-guts snivelling about the second series of Killing Eve.

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