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Take it from someone who’s done his share of faux-pas in online dating and came out right in the end: read as many China dating sites reviews as you can before taking the proverbial leap.

It is your lifetime partner, for heaven’s sake, that you will be looking for on those platforms, so get serious about checking out the security of the site – that’s for starters.

“Men rely on life, a wife relies on her husband” – this is a native proverb that speaks volumes about the upbringing and mindset of Chinese women.

Hot Chinese mail-order brides will most probably expect you to provide for them.

Let’s agree from the beginning that within the nation, especially as multitudinous as the Chinese, characters vary.

This said, there is still room for traditionally cultivated traits: in this particular culture, women are taught to be diligent, good at housekeeping and parenting, modest in appearances and somewhat prudent in expressing their sexuality, supportive and caring.

A bride from China is trained to become a good housewife by her parents.

Girls here are expected to enter a marital relationship in their early twenties or even as teens, so by the age of 20, a woman is an experienced caregiver.

And although the things have undergone an immense change, this tradition where parents’ will weigh in heavily is still very much perceived.

A Chinese girlfriend from Asia may appear as reserved and withdrawn sometimes, but this does not bespeak her lack of affection for you.

As far as the looks go, I don’t need to tell you what you already know: their slenderness of body and strikingly prominent facial features, topped with that uniquely oriental stare, could be the definition of perfection. Hot Chinese girls appreciate men who can be in charge.

This has a lot to do with a deep-seated image of any westerner being “rich” by definition.

Of course, this does not apply to everyone, least of all of the immigrant Chinese girls, but still, it is a massive trend. It would be extremely wrong to have a bias about Chinese wives – or mail order brides; all of the above only applies to the extent that these are the traditional trends that are acceptable in the Chinese culture but can be perceived as a deviation from what is accepted in your Western homeland.

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The quality of domestic beaus naturally factors in, setting the girls of China to push their luck as mail order brides.

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