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The hipster virus has hit the country…and it has been hit hard. Now you can be lucky if they don’t put on fake mustaches. I don’t say that it’s impossible to find a passionate Chilean girl, that the girls don’t have humor, and that less drama is bad (it can save your sanity).

Act fast before all the beautiful girls are infected with the virus. But it is how it is: Chile is the Europe of South America.

Most of the Amerindian girls are indigenous Mapuche. This makes them the perfect mixture of Argentinian girls (mostly white) and Peruvian girls (mostly indigenous).

And even thought a lot of guys consider the white chicks more beautiful, I love indigenous girls. Interesting side note: Even though almost all white girls are originally from Spain, the Spanish they speak is a bit different.

But hey, maybe you get a kick out of picking up girls at the club. The good news: All the popular bars and clubs in Santiago are in the same area: Dating in Chile can be a rocky experience…and I’m not talking about the sex.

who signed up because they want to meet a foreign man like you.Cerro San Cristobal: Kiss her while you enjoy the view over the city.Valle Nevado: A fun day of snowboarding and broken legs.Okay, that doesn’t make any sense because it’s a country and Europe is a continent…but you get the point. Here’s a lesson I learned from a Chilean girl I talked to online: According to her, the local men don’t have any game. But that’s not the only reason why it’s easier to seduce Chilean women than it is to seduce Argentinian women.They ask for a date before they say “hi” and when they get rejected, they don’t know why. The economy is better, but the competition is lower.

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