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From being beaten with a belt by abusive boyfriends.

If anything, she says, she'd like to "maybe do another dance show on television or have a talk show, be a spokesperson for young women.

I 've had that pattern of dating unavailable men in my life and it was hard to resist, obviously, but it was still something I knew from other relationships."Burke says she doesn't have a boyfriend."It's been a little over a year and I've taken this time for me and taken the time to really get to know who I am.

For now, it's best that I work on me and focus on my career.

This launched her into international stardom, with films, endorsements, sold out concert tours, and her own line of Barbie dolls.“Yes, absolutely [it’s been hard],” Cheryl told us exclusively.“You spend seven days a week with that person for four months and then all of a sudden it’s over, so you have a little bit of that depression for a couple weeks but you get over it.” Cheryl has danced with many men on in past seasons — including hotties Gilles Marini and Drew Lachey — but everyone definitely noticed a different chemistry when Cheryl & Chad hit the dance floor.

There’s still hope for the two, as Cheryl tells us they “definitely keep in touch.” “I just talked to him the other day, he’s doing really well,” Cheryl said.

She doesn't foresee leaving the show anytime soon, as pros Julianne and Derek Hough have.On how dance helped her get past the horrible abuse… And if you have a person coming to you and saying she or he is getting abused, call the police. If that person doesn’t do anything, talk to another person. Cheryl: Well, the one thing that I stood by was dancing. My goal was to always be the best dancer that I could possibly be. No matter if my boyfriend told me to stop dancing I never did. Keep talking to someone until someone listens and helps you out. I just packed my bags, moved to New York and started my career and then got asked to do “Dancing with the Stars” five years ago. I tried to go and turn to diet pills but I knew that wasn’t for me…. Cheryl has a message for those in abusive relationships…

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Two-time “Dancing with the Stars” champ Cheryl Burke has created a lot of buzz, on and off the dance floor.

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