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Once your slogans and your persona create a positive opinion in the minds of your fellow student voters, victory will follow! Catchy and effective slogans are what make people go for a product more than the actual functionality of the product itself.This article will give you some tips on how a good slogan can be drafted and also give you examples of a...There are endless examples of slogans for safety that can be used in the workplace, school, camp or even at home.You can also check out tips on how to create slogans of your own. You can display safety slogans around the work area to help remind everyone of the importance of staying safe on the job. This article will take you through both inspirational and funny class mottos of 2018. The way the slogans for presidential campaigns are coined can make or break the candidate's chances of winning the election. And here comes a time to look for the best class mottos for 2018!

In this article, I share some tips on choosing slogans, for those of you, who are in the process of planning your...

The anti-bullying quotes and sayings given here can be used to send across a strong...

When you are running a campaign, you need to have some catchy campaign slogans to grab people's attention in a matter of few seconds.

Here are numerous examples to put you in a safety frame of mind.

Adopt the ones that really strike a chord with you and share them with family, friends, and coworkers. Everyone has to take the message to heart and practice what it says.

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