Carbon dating used find age dead sea scrolls

The date for when the book of Daniel was written is somewhat controversial.

For conservative Christians, the earliest date is about 530 BCE.

Therefore, the 70-weeks is based on multiplying 70 time 7-years, which equals 490 years.

At various stages during this time, specific human events are expected to occur.

However, events foretold to happen that occur after 165 BCE are truly prophetic.

Objective evidence to confirm each event is all that is required.

The Archangel Gabriel brings an answer to Daniel that foretells the future.

Just as Daniel had prayed about the Jewish people and their return to Jerusalem, Gabriel gives Daniel a prophecy about the future of the Jewish people and Jerusalem.

These dates match those determined by the carbon-14 measurements.However, Gabriel links the Jewish people and their return to the coming of the Messiah.Following is a quick overview of Gabriels prophecy, which centers on the coming Messiah.By taking this position, bias based on this study is removed. Physical evidence supporting the 165 BCE date comes from the Dead Sea Scrolls.Eight copies of Daniel were found at the Dead Sea Scrolls site.

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