Can we still be friends after dating

I held him when his seasonal affective disorder kicked in hard as the snows began to fall, and he held me when my long-distance relationship became too much to handle.

When I transferred away from our shared college, words spoken and texted kept the bond alive.

Do you do as I’ve done and make a point of mentioning every conversation, to keep your loved one in the loop and make it clear you have nothing to hide? I’m not an expert on relating to exes; I’m still in the beginning stages of the thing, hoping to rebuild a close and lasting friendship with someone meaningful to me.

Straightforward, realistic advice from the relationship experts.If your relationship ended on bad or uncertain terms, you probably can’t be friends.If it ended under uncertain circumstances, like long-distance difficulties or a move, you might as well not even try to be friends and skip straight to attempting to date again.From new relationships to handling a long-distance relationship, you’ll find advice here.Do conversations with your partner make you question your own sanity or perception of reality?

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And, as I mentioned before, the last time we were romantic was a decade ago.

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  1. That, combined with witty asides, make our chaps fine company. They may not ‘work’ the crowd like Americans, but British men are generally easy company, which makes it easy for you to leave him alone without worrying he’ll doing anything bonkers. Growing up in a country that loves queues means you can rely on the British male to offer his seat to those who need it on public transport, and make sure the bartender serves you first.