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Online dating isn’t great here either, but there is a good site that you can use and it will be mentioned in a bit.Once all the ways to meet new girls have been covered our dating guide will begin.You also have hundreds (if not thousands) of hotels to choose from anywhere you go. Bangkok for example has great public transportation, such as the BTS, MRT and thousands of metered taxis.In fact, there are so many metered taxis everywhere that using a mobile taxi app has become redundant. You can hang out at the fancy casino (Naga World) and meet girls there (mostly freelancers but some regular girls). If you’re staying for a few days only, your best bet will be simply going to the gym that’s inside the hotel & casino complex.

If you want to save a few bucks negotiate the price down, if you want to be generous then pay them as much as you want.

This will include some of the best restaurants in the city, cheaper date ideas, and fun ways to entertain any sexy ladies you can get to go out with you.

Here is a list of good singles bars and nightclubs to try and pick up girls in Phnom Penh: This is probably the most important section of this entire dating guide, the nightlife and girls in Phnom Penh are quite a bit different then what you might be expecting.

If you want to get laid you should probably stay there.

Also be sure to visit during peak tourist season which is from November to March.

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