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In my effort to meet bisexual singles I was really thankful I found in my searches.

I could say how I was a bisexual man who was looking for equally bi-sexual or bi-curious men and women (or for those hoping to meet a bi-couple, that is an option too).

I would date straight women too who basically were just interested in having a threesome with me and another guy as soon as they heard I was bisexual.

I needed a bisexual dating site where I could find other men or women who were understanding about my being bi.

I liked this as sometimes there ARE people a bit unsure of their sexuality, and being able to indicate if I wanted such people in my results or filtered-out in favor of folk who fully embraced a bisexual identity was handy.

This way I knew if possibly the person I was dating was still, "In the closet," so-to-speak about their bi-identity, or felt open to having our dates out-and-about.

Read Full Review Read Full Review Visit Site Visit Site Swingers Date Club is one of the very good meeting sites for bisexual coupless and swingers.

The site offers plenty of good resources for meeting bisexual couples and get swinger dating.

This site is an amazing resource for those adult people looking for bi sexual dating, with profiles that are cross-referenced by a wide array of criteria, making it easy to narrow down users in accordance to the users' needs.If you are bisexual that can make dating a bit difficult at times.As a man who is bisexual I would at times be dating men who didn't understand I wasn't, "Just in denial about being gay," but also was fully attracted to women.It is a rare breed as help its members to find other bisexual firends.It is a relatively popular website that caters specifically to bisexual people from the community as well as people who are curious about bisexual relationships, it is also a site known for creating long term relationships than most other bisexual dating sites online.

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