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Try disabling your adapter, then go into internet explorer, tools, internet options, content tab and click "clear ssl state".

my laptop with vista on is running just fine on the network..desktop downstairs which has been running just fine for a really long time..suddenly unable to connect to the network and keeps saying it couldn't find a certificate and it can't validate identity or something.

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A web search using the product name and model number will usually return links to what you need.

Default wireless security settings are not published for obvious security reasons: sign in to the router to determine your current settings.wireless switch on a laptop may be turned off, or the adapter may be disabled in Device Manager).

If you can see your network but the system does not ask you for your Key or Passphrase (Windows) or Password (Mac OSX) then it is trying to use a previously stored profile for the same network name (SSID).

I tried clearing the ssl state, but that didn't seem to do anything. It's been serving me quite laptop has been running fine with it.

The dektop basically tries to connect to the router and it says *validating identity" and then it says "couldn't validate idenity".

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I have not been able to connect to my wireless router (Belkin N ) - it detects my wireless network, but when I click connect it says detecting network type, then says it is "validating identity" and doesn't connect (never gets to the point where it asks for my password).

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