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Ballbusting Guru is the name and our site, believe it or not, focuses on ballbusting.

There are many femdom and BDSM genres out there, but ballbusting just takes the cake, as far as we are concerned. No matter what your actual deepest fantasy is, don’t worry, we got you covered.

Seems pretty straightforward, hopefully, we don’t have to describe ballbusting porn to you?

First off, we have a collection of ballbusting/CBT pornography.

You can't overlook the quality these days, can you?

So, the updates do come in every single day and they are completely free to enjoy, watch and re-watch.

If you do not see the chat box, or only see a white box. Change security restrictions or use a different browser. View FULL PAGE CHAT here This chat is open for all to use, it supports chat rooms and 1-on-1 chat, or as it's called in the menu, Direct Chat. The mods, admins and owner are NOT paid for their time and efforts.

my BBFE does not make money, the limited account upgrades and donations each year do not cover the operational costs to keep the site online and running, this means the site owner covers the difference out of his pocket.

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Basically, it is exactly what it sounds like – girls inserting pins, needles, metal rods and their heels inside of a random cock.

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