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And we work hard to make sure certain persons do not join; namely, those who are not eligible for sacramental marriage, who have a contraceptive mentality, or who are not serious about marriage.Q: How do you attempt to maintain the personalistic aspect of relationships?Christian sites attempt to bring back what is necessary in a relationship -- namely a Christ-centered approach.But most of these sites don't take the responsibility to care for the inclinations that individuals will have as they use a singles site.For Catholics who have discerned a marriage vocation, meeting your future spouse has become a very difficult thing to do. They lived in a community where everyone was Catholic and people believed in community.It was easy to meet someone who shared everything, not just your faith.

Q: Why would Catholics opt for a high-tech dating method? Buono: In "traditional dating," you meet someone in person and spend time together, which is essential in knowing if they are the right person.But as there are not many places to meet good Catholics who are single, the Internet has become a primary place to meet people.Our service differs from a typical dating service because we bring up a lot of core issues that are important in building good, strong, healthy families.College would traditionally be another place our parents would have met their spouse, but people were ready to marry at a younger age back them. The fact is, environments for meeting singles who are 100% Catholic are scarce.Even really good Catholics have been influenced by the worldly attitudes on marriage, relationships, sexuality and treatment of the opposite sex.

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