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It takes something that's really new and really captures people's imagination, and the Macintosh – of all the machines I've ever seen – is the only one that meets that standard," he says.

When the announcer tells Steve he must pick a suitor, he feigns shock.

theme music boots up again, and he starts swaying back and forth, pondering his options.

And Gates – or at least his script writer – provided the appropriate answer."To create a new standard, it takes something that's not just a little bit different. The rather complicated relationship between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates spanned nearly four decades.Their love-hate affair had all the makings of a modern reality TV melodrama – an early partnership giving way to jealousy, intrigue, and alleged theft, not to mention Gates ultimately rescuing Apple from the edge of the oblivion so that Steve Jobs could rise again and eat Microsoft's lunch.It was the forerunner for many imitators such as "Love Connection", MTV's "Singled Out" and numerous others.But they all have the same influence: Chuck Barris, the creator of the one that started it all!

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But Gates and Jobs supplied another classic moment.

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