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A date and time will be set and added to the organizer on Nico's phone to which he will go on the "first date".

This first date is the most important as it will determine whether Nico will be able to get their phone number and continue dating them.

Carmen's profile name is SOBOHOE and after you select the "DATE" option on her profile there is an initial wait period.

Unlike the other male friends however, dating is more than just worrying about the venue.

It's even a good idea to keep a good car that you find in your Safehouse parking space. Shows (Cabaret and Comedy) Each girlfriend has their own preferences on Venues, and can be convenient at times (date lives next to restaurant) or annoying (venue is clear across town).

This saves time in finding one later on and will keep date maintenance easier. It's important to use Venues that the date likes a lot early in the game to get them to 100% fondness quickly.

Grand Theft Auto IV Girlfriend Guide Version 1.0 Tested on Xbox 360 ____________________________________ ------------------------------------ Romeo Two Zero ------------------ Table of Contents ------------------ 1. Putting in a little bit of time to woo certain women can unlock their special abilities that can help in particularly difficult missions later on.

), there can be several in game benefits to starting a relationship with the women of Liberty City.

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