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They discovered that they’d both grown up in Palo Alto, ten minutes away from each other, and that their mothers used to chat at the public pool.

They’ve been together ever since, through all the rumors, and the schoolwork, and the move to New York. A., is speaking to me from Franco’s apartment in New Yorkshe’s here to film a moviewhile Franco is in L. filming new episodes of The choice to go back to school really changed everything, O’Reilly remembers.

Later, O’Reilly joined the University of Southern California for one year and later dropped out.

There are no further details about O’Reilly’s early life and childhood.

(It’s worth noting that, although the web is obsessed with him, he maintains zero web presenceno Twitter account, no blog.) In interviews he’s charming and affable but rarely says anything provocative.

His work itself, his career choices, are more interesting than his words.

Franco plays Franco with deliciously campy intensity.You Tube comment on s Franco adds layer upon layer, wink upon winkas he slides further along the continuum from Gyllenhaal to Warholhis entire career is beginning to look less like an actual career than like some kind of gonzo performance piece: a high-concept parody of cultural ambition.He’s become a node of pop-cultural curiosity in roughly the same universe as Lady Gaga.This fit nicely into a constellation of ideas Franco had already been thinking about: the difference between high art and mass art, the space between performance and real life, the vagaries of taste.So Franco called one of TV’s most popular and longest-running soap operas.

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