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Another unique way to reach out to more viewers is to use popular tags of curated accounts in your niche.

This will bring you more relevant and better communities to connect with. There are apps like Hashto and In Tags by Prilaga which will help you in the same.

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Well, no; hashtags are not the only way to grow your account! So that is the ideology that Instagram is ideally based on. They can be as topical as summers or mangoes or it can be general info about sleep or babywearing or sleep or breastfeeding, as seasons change I try and incorporate the topicals stuff in them.

For Example- Talking about my name Super MOM Mitali- Super MOM is something which will tell the viewers that this is a Mommy related page plus it is not a very big name and the spelling is easy and relatable.

Other names that i like are …The Sassy Mama, Mom in the bay, Mom Bay (This is not taken) We should avoid names that are too big and complicated…

All you have in the bio section of your Instagram account to impress or amaze the reader/viewer is 160 characters.

That small space can decide in a moment whether a viewer will stay or slide next. Use chunks of creative phrases to describe yourself. Yes, here, we are not talking about wisely choosing your user name, instead… Here’s the trick; It should be easy to remember, should signify what you stand for and please go easy with the spellings.

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