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For example, a few social drinks at a family birthday party are not part of the agreement.Regardless of how the contract shakes out between the two of you, the important factor here is that there is a solid commitment and understanding in writing.However, if the die is cast, then so be it, but the children involved in this scenario are innocent to the situation and still have two parents that hopefully want to be a participant in their lives.Rarely have I known a father or mother to abandon their children in order to live a life of substance abuse, but I did have a client who shared that her ex-husband would rather live in a box; virtually homeless and drink each day than have any contact with his children. So, what are the options for the parent that has primary custody for the child/children and the other parent who is trying to either work a clean and sober program or vows only to drink on days where he or she has no involvement with the children has?In the event that is not possible for whatever reason, then the fourth day will rotate between us every other week.2) You will commit to picking up and returning the children at a certain hour/certain day, unless other arrangements have been made.3) You will not take the children outside an agreed upon mileage radius, unless I approve beforehand.4) The children will call the custodial parent every night before bed, after school (or whatever time is firmly committed to).5) Neither one of us may make significant decisions regarding vacations, parties, medical issues, etc...without discussing and obtaining the approval of the other prior to the intended date.6) I am concerned about your alcoholic intake.Though it is none of my business if you wish to drink or not, it is my concern if it happens while the children are in your custody.He is mean when he drinks, is very controlling, and plays mind games.

Also, I am not a child psychologist so other options may be important to take into consideration other than my opinion on this issue.I still struggle 2 years after our divorce to understand how my ex could have let alcohol ruin our marriage and family.As an alcoholic, they don't think what they are doing is wrong.7) If I am not comfortable with your state of responsibility or question your sobriety, I will have no choice but to get child welfare services or the police involved.As a concerned parent I will do whatever the safest, healthiest and proper steps are to ensure our children's best interest.

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What I mean by this, is that that parent should WRITE down what their expectations are when the child/children are in the supervision of the alcoholic/addict parent.

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