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We reserve the right to treat all personally identifiable and other information about you and your computer, mobile or other device that we receive through third-party social networking services in the same way we treat any of your Registration Information pursuant to this Privacy Policy or any other provisions of the Agreement. Communication As an Accommodating Table member, you will receive our transactional business communications (e.g.

email address confirmation, administrative messages, etc.) at your email address.

Guests’ email addresses will not be used for any other purposes outside of the functioning of the Website. Personal Information Collected Automatically Our servers may also automatically collect information about you, your online behavior and your computer, mobile or other device.

The information collected may include, without limitation, the make, model, settings, specifications (e.g., CPU speed, connection speed, browser type, operating system, device identifier) and geographic location of you and/or your computer, mobile or other device, as well as date/time stamp, IP address, pages visited, time of visits, content viewed, ads viewed, the site(s), application(s), destination(s), and/or service(s) you arrived from, and other clickstream data. Personal Data Provided by Third Parties If you choose to access, visit and/or use any third party social networking service(s) that may be integrated with the Website, we may receive personally identifiable information and other information about you and your computer, mobile or other device that you have made available to those services, including information about your contacts on those services.

Website administrators do not have access to the content of any individual Food Profiles except to the extent that a user has a Food Profile in the personal Guestbook of an administrator. Email A Guest When a Host uses our Food Profile and recipe matching services, the Host provides the Guest diner’s name and email address.

Accommodating Table will automatically send that Guest a one-time email confirming their password once they have registered in order to complete a Food Profile or other content.

For example, some social networking services may allow you to push content from our Website to your contacts or to pull information about your contacts so you can connect with them on or through our Website.

Guests who register and complete a Food Profile will have that Food Profile linked to the Host’s account who invited them to the site.Accommodating does not have access to the content of any users’ individual Food Profiles. Contests, Promotions, Offers, and Surveys From time to time our Website may request personal information from users via contests, promotions, offers and surveys.Participation in these contests, promotions, offers, and surveys is completely voluntary and users therefore may choose whether to disclose personal information in connection with these activities.If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, you can contact us at [email protected] Personal Information Provided by You The Website generally collects personally identifiable data with your specific knowledge and consent.For instance, when you register for and/or set up an account/profile to access, visit and/or use the Website, you are required to choose a Username, enter your First and Last name, provide your email address, and choose a Password.

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However, if another Host enters that exact Guest email into their Guestbook, the site will automatically share that Guest Food Profile with the new Host.

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